A World Of Activities

The whole point of a vacation is to step away from your everyday life and do the things you love, or try new things you’ve always dreamed of. At Karisma Hotels & Resorts, you’ll have the opportunity to do both. You’ll find a variety of watersports on some of the world’s best beaches. Dazzling live entertainment. World-class spas. State-of-the-art fitness centers. Yoga classes. Dance lessons. Interactive cooking and mixology classes. Supervised programs for kids and teens. Language lessons. And an array of available excursions designed to immerse you in local history and culture.

Available at All Gourmet Inclusive® Properties


Find your nirvana, as an accredited Yogi helps bring you balance. This stretching-yoga combination class starts your day in a perfect state of Om.

Beach Volleyball

Head down to the beach for a friendly game of beach volleyball. Perfect your serve in the soft sand while working up a sweat. Then take a plunge in the ocean to cool off.

Dance Lessons

Slip on your dancing shoes and kick up your heels as dancing instructors show you how to salsa and merengue around a room. You’ll feel that fiery Latin rhythm in no time.

Tequila Tasting

Don’t shoot! Sample an expertly chosen selection of premium handcrafted tequilas, from blanco to anejo, designed for sipping. And be sure to try our very own house-infused tequilas.

Cooking Lessons

Join a world-class international chef and wine expert as they explain various preparation methods and culinary techniques, and walk away with exclusive recipes and pairings to amaze and impress your friends back home.

Water Volleyball

If you prefer to spike in the water rather than the sand, move the game from the beach to the pool, and stay cool while serving up points.

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